Digital Work

We look to find playful ways to introduce sound into each of our projects.

  • Funny Peculiar involved sequences where audiences listened to audio, sequenced through radio controlled headsets. As people were asked to follow instructions on the soundtrack, the audio created a curious synchronised physical choreography.
  • A Trip to… series involve us leading members of the public through audio journeys accompanied with a synchronised touch tour, so that people can feel themselves in different environments – whether by the seaside or in the woods. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have created digital versions so that people can lead family and friends through these experiences in the comfort of their own home.

We are beginning to develop video as an additional element to our work.

  • Chronicles of an Infectious Agent is a series of short comic films, introducing the character of Sars CoV-2 and showing quite what happens when she goes out into public spaces.
  • The Pandemic Times Stock Exchange Index (Pantse 10) – commissioned by the Burton Art Gallery, Bideford for their exhibition Seeds of Hope – explores the changing value (in a broad definition of the word) of 10 things over time. Tea, Toilet Roll, Flour, Beer, Haircuts, Hand Sanitiser, Face Mask, the Meter, Gloves and Clapping.