Digital Work


Sound has become an important element in our work and we look to find playful ways to use sound within all of our projects.

  • A Trip to is a special series of Sound Journeys in which the listener is transported into different natural environments. Each is accompanied by a Touch Tour where the listener is offered a series of object to touch & smell for a more immersive, sensory experience. We’ve made DIY guides so that you can offer these yourself.


  • Chronicles of an Infectious Agent is a series of short comic films, introducing the character of Sars CoV-2 and their deliberations with sanitising and social distancing.
  • The Pandemic Times Stock Exchange Index (Pantse 10) – commissioned by the Burton Art Gallery, Bideford for their exhibition Seeds of Hope – explores the changing value of 10 things over time: Tea, Toilet Roll, Flour, Beer, Haircuts, Hand Sanitiser, Face Mask, the Meter, Gloves & Clapping.

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