Social DisDance Silent Disco

Originally commissioned by the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, the Social DisDance is Silent Disco made appropriate for a socially distanced world.

The DisDance Arena is set up with designated spaces for individuals, family units or social pods to dance in together well distanced from others and headsets are carefully sanitised prior to wearing. While the dancers listen to music via headsets (therefore causing no noise pollution to the local area), the DJ speaks directly to passers-by to encourage them to join in with gentle comic banter and to explain the rules. The dance captain keeps things moving by holding up prompt cards to clap, for particular dance moves or shapes and demonstrates all of these with style and plenty of daft improvising.

We can accommodate up to 25 people dancing at a time with pauses in the playlist to encourage people to swap in, if there are people waiting. Limited numbers ensures that people can dance at safe distances across a park or public space and also that we can keep an eye on social distancing and intervene if necessary.

The Music

The Social DisDance Silent Disco comes with a range of playlists:

  • Disco – a range of classics and less well known grooves which will appeal to the disco expert, made with the help of disco diva DJ Local Honey from Club Click in Brighton.
  • Ska and Two Tone
  • Punk and New Wave
  • Hip Hop and Funk
  • Trip-hop and Electro Pop
  • Jazz and Electro-Swing

Most Silent Disco set ups in clubs use two channels, so that dancers can tune in to different playlists. There’s fun in trying to work out who’s dancing to what. However, when dancing outside in public during the daytime with small crowds, people can be a little more shy. Therefore we advise using one channel, so that people can feel safety in numbers and part of the crowd. If however, you would wish to have 2 channels, we can accommodate this.

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