Who We Are

Paschale Straiton is a Performer, Writer and Director

As a devising performer she has a worked with many companies and in very different contexts: Opening Skinners Box, Improbable’s play about psychological experiments in New York; The Enchanted Palace, a theatrical installation at Kensington Palace for Wildworks; Sturgeon Moon a project that visited communities along the River Severn with Desperate Men; Full Circle, a new outdoor project by Avanti Display, involving 2 people and 110 metal buckets. Her directing credits range from The Brooklyn Healer, a one-to-one experience inside a taxi for Miraculous Theatre,  interactive street theatre show for Families about a Sheep Dog Trial for Mufti Games, the performance director for River Stories, a large scale spectacular production for Walk the Plank, and puppetry direction for the Royal and Derngate production of The Worst Witch, which was nominated for an Olivier in 2020.

She began performing on the street in 2000 and was instantly captured by the excitement of it – where anything can happen and a performer has to be alert and open to the element of surprise. She noticed that through performing on the street she could connect everyone, including people who don’t go to the theatre and people who were often marginalised. She learned to encourage people to join her, suspend their disbelief or think sideways about the world for a moment, or an hour, or longer, which often seemed to make people feel happy. And this made her feel happy too. So, she attempts to recreate this equation as often as possible.

Kim Tilbrook is an Arts Consultant, Producer and Educator

Kim has over 25 years experience in the performing arts, working recently on socially engaged practice in many ways. She is a Project Manager with Activate, overseeing And Now’s Wayfaring, a series of artworks at points on the Icknield Way which invite audiences to think about movement and migration. She was Co-Manager of Wye River Valley Festival, working with local community groups, artists and environmental groups to create a 3 week, 100 mile long, multi sited festival that celebrated the river – it’s issues, history and communities. She was Artistic Educator for Nowhereisland, an arctic island created by Situations, which journeyed to the South West as part of the Cultural Olympiad

She is excited by arts projects that are socially democratic – that take place in public places and in which everyone can take part, as audience members or participants. She is motivated to create opportunities for artists and audiences together to create, deliver and experience work of exceptional quality that comments upon and challenges our accepted status quo, seeing people and places in new ways and advocating a call to action to shape the future.

Kim and Paschale met as Steering Committee members of the National Association of Street Artists and advocate widely for artists who choose to work outdoors – designing and undertaking professional development schemes, campaigns and social get togethers. They realised that they have a shared passion for making and enjoying art outside and the power of playful interactions. While Paschale was a founder member and Director the company in 2013, Kim accepted an invitation to become a Director in 2017.