Here are links to some amazing artists and arts companies we admire, who share a view of the world that is full of curiosity and wonder…

Avanti Display – water aficionados and other acts of comic surrealism

Bicycle Ballet – a celebration of the dance that is cycling

Bureau Of Silly Ideas – inspired madness and controlled chaos

Desperate Men – mischievous, warm hearted work invites audiences to ask serious questions about the world

Gonzo Moose – a theatre company well known for its brand of improvisation and clowning

Hogarth Productions – making contemporary art relevant to the everyday

Improbable – dreaming about a world where dreaming is taken seriously

Katie Etheridge – investigating the relationships between people & places

Pickled Image – a darkly comic puppet company

Ramshacklicious – anarchic theatre of the unexpected

Shifting Sands – creating a clown’s eye view of epic tales

Time Wont Wait – creative producers who make incredible things happen with poets, dancers and theatre makers

Walk The Plank – making incredible spectacles happen in and with communities

White Rabbit – creating and telling soul absorbing, gut wrenching, eye popping, side splitting stories