Touring Shows

We create shows for Arts Festivals, Community Events, Shopping Centres and Corporate Events.

Social DisDance – originally made for the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, the Social DisDance is Silent Disco made appropriate for a socially distanced world. This show is available for booking – for street and garden parties and outdoor events – when government guidelines allow.

Oystercatchers is a beautiful and curious strolling performance, featuring two migrant Oystercatchers, who have just arrived back from the Faroe Islands. Tired and disorientated, they enlist help from local people to reach the seaside and attempt to trade with shells for things that will help them through the winter. At the seaside, they get busy with setting up home and catching shellfish.

We were commissioned by Green Carpet (a consortium of organisations across France, Belgium and the UK), to create Whistlers / Les Siffleurs – an outdoor performance around bird song, whistling and whistling, explored through the idea of a fantastical ancient culture of people who have a symbiotic relationship with songbirds. As a result of Covid-19, the project is postponed to 2021.

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