What We Do

Red Herring is a theatre company based in Bideford, North Devon. We specialise in outdoor, interactive performance that blurs the edges between the performance and the audience. All our performance is ‘devised’ – made through a collaborative process of improvising and polishing. As we make our shows, we offer opportunities to get involved in the creation of the performance and to help us shape it.

We have 2 main strands of work:

  • Outdoor Performance that is made in North Devon, which celebrates the people and places of this brilliantly curious part of the UK.
  • Performance that is designed to connect people to the natural landscape, the flora and fauna that live within it, with the intention of touring this work, both nationally and internationally.

In all our work, we aim to be as open and accessible, following our company values:

  • We believe that being Playful is good for body and soul
  • We think that being Daring, being open to new things, is liberating
  • We are Caring of the natural world and our place in it
  • We are Collaborative, believing that we are happier when we connect together
  • We are Accepting of all irrespective of age, race, gender, health or background
  •  We value Resourcefulness concerning skills, assets and materials