Who we are

Paschale Straiton

Founder, Performer, Writer and Director

Paschale began performing on the street in 2000 and was captivated by the element of surprise- that anything can happen at any time. She noticed that she could connect with people who don’t go to the theatre and people who were often marginalised. And fell in love with those moments, described by Tony Liddington from Prom Prom Productions as the ‘what it’s all about’ moments when strangers agree to step into a world of fantasy.

She has worked with many outdoor arts companies: co-created Full Circle with Avanti Display, a curiosity involving 2 people and 110 metal buckets that has toured from Stockton to Korea; wrote the script and storyboard for Walk the Plank’s River Stories for Reading Borough Council; co-devised and performed in Sturgeon Moon, a project that visited communities along the River Severn with Desperate Men.

Directing credits range from The Brooklyn Healer, a one-to-one experience inside a taxi for Miraculous Theatre; to One Kid and Their Dog, an interactive street theatre show for Mufti Games; and Ramshacklicious’ multi-layered project Club Supreme, which includes a digital world and community engagement.

Kim Tilbrook 

Performer, Arts Consultant, Producer and Educator

Kim has over 25 years experience in the performing arts, working recently on socially engaged practice in many ways. She is a Project Manager with Activate, overseeing And Now’s Wayfaring, a series of artworks at points on the Icknield Way which invite audiences to think about movement and migration. She was Co-Manager of Wye River Valley Festival, working with local community groups, artists and environmental groups to create a 3 week, 100 mile long, multi sited festival that celebrated the river – it’s issues, history and communities. She was Artistic Educator for Nowhereisland, an arctic island created by Situations, which journeyed to the South West as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

She is excited by arts projects that are socially democratic – that take place in public places and in which everyone can take part, as audience members or participants. She is motivated to create opportunities for artists and audiences together to create, deliver and experience work of exceptional quality that comments upon and challenges our accepted status quo, seeing people and places in new ways and advocating a call to action to shape the future.

Fiona Fraser Smith 

Walking artist, Arts producer and Manager

With many strings to her creative bow, she’s been Director of Appledore Arts and the Appledore Visual Arts Festival, Producer & Programmer for Beaford Arts and as an independent freelance producer and fundraiser for a variety of artists and companies including Burn the Curtain (outdoor promenade theatre), Ruth Mitchell (playwright and performer), Stacked Wonky Dance (contemporary outdoor dance) and the Bureau of Silly Ideas (outdoor arts).

Fiona has a background in biological sciences. She is passionate in encouraging people to investigate and celebrate the natural world. She is a Founding Director of the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Foundation, has enabled environmental scientists and artists to collaborate through the Marine Biological Association and has produced two conferences for Invisible Dust Under Her Eye at theBritish Library and Sound of the Sea Symposium for Hull City of Culture.

She has a deep interest in creative work which reflects the uniqueness of people and place, of landscape and space and of human relationship with our natural environments. She lives and works in the rural wilds of North Devon.

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