The Egg Shack

An immersive theatrical experience made in North Devon created by Red Herring Productions, commissioned by Landmark Theatres

If you’d like to join our community cast in Bideford and/or Ilfracombe click HERE for more details

Welcome to our street cafe. Take a seat and take in the atmosphere. 

You’ll spot Tina. She is our host – part agony aunt, part enigma. She keeps the café going. And it all goes on here: ups and downs, ins and outs, regulars and blow-ins. 

You’ll get a cuppa and an egg butty. At some point. Pete’s a bit slow flipping eggs and the service is haphazard to be fair. 

And you’ll be invited to follow a staff member to a vehicle on the edge of the carpark. Step inside, meet a character and experience a snapshot of their life – on the road, in a pickle, or waiting for something…

Back at your seat, things have changed. But life goes on. And the disco ball beckons! 

You can scan QR codes on the menu or around the cafe to hear sound recordings. Don’t have a smartphone? Don’t worry other stories can be listened to with our headphones.

Thanks to the folk of Bideford and Ilfracombe who talked to us about their love of vehicles, adventures on the road, the need to get away and the pull to return. These conversations informed our characters and the stories they share. Thanks also to a volunteer community cast who have helped to bring the cafe to life. For full credits, please visit our website. 

The Performance is outside and lasts 1 ½ hours at dusk.Please wear suitable clothing.

This is a ticketed event. Suitable for children aged 15+

Ticket includes a cuppa and an egg butty (gluten free and vegan snacks available) – more details published soon.

Bideford Performances at Stepping Out Festival:

  • Thursday 29 August – Open Dress Rehearsal, 7.30-9pm – Free
  • Friday 30 August, Show 1, 7.30-9pm – Ticketed
  • Saturday 31 August, Show 2, 7.30-9pm – Ticketed

Ilfracombe Performances at Landmark’s Welcome Weekend:

  • Thursday 12 September, Open Dress Rehearsal, 7.30-9pm – Free
  • Friday 13 September, Show 1, 7.30-9pm – Ticketed
  • Saturday 14 September, Show 2, 7.30-9pm – Ticketed

Watch this space for more information!

This show was developed from a previous production – The Drive In – which was made at the New Vic Theatre, Stoke on Trent as part of the New Vic Fringe in 2011, recommissioned by South Street for their Sitelines Festival in 2012 and by Hogarth Productions for the Wycombe Awakes Festival in 2014. Thanks to Theresa Heskins and the New Vic stage management department, John Luther and Edmund Harcourt for their support and to devising performers Paul Greenwood, Michael Hugo, Emma Noakes (New Vic, Stoke on Trent), Nicole Davis, Edmund Harcourt, Richard Worland (Sitelines Festival, South Street); Nicola Davis, Elliot Fitzpatrick, Richard Worland (Wycombe Awaits Festival, Hogarth Productions).