A Trip to…

…a growing series of Sound Journeys where the listener is transported to different locations: the sea, woods, mountains…

The sound can be listened to on its own or experienced alongside a Touch Tour: while someone listens to a track, another acting as a ‘guide’ offers them a series of objects to touch and smell, provoking a more stimulating and meditative experience – and a fun, creative exercise for the guide! Please visit A Trip to the Sea and A Trip through the Woods to listen to a Sound Journey and download our Flickbook Guide to treat someone to a Touch Tour.

Who will enjoy this?

  • People who are feeling a bit stressed
  • People who like to visit the countryside but find themselves housebound
  • Young children aged 7-12 who like interactive experiences
  • People who are learning disabled, who enjoy playing with objects
  • People experiencing dementia who may find that experience stimulates memory