A Trip through the Woods

The Sound Journey

Looking for a moment of peace in a busy day? Get a comfy chair, an eye mask and pair of headphones ready. Click on the link below to listen to the audio. Enter through the gate and be transported to the woods in early summer and in lockdown – the wind is whistling through the trees and the chiff chaffs are chattering with glee. Some things have changed and some remain the same…

The Touch Tour

If you enjoyed the sound journey, why not offer a more immersive experience to a friend or family member? While they listen to a track, you, as a guide, offer them a series of objects to touch and smell. This creates a stimulating and meditative experience for them and is a fun, creative and generous gift to offer.

This How to Video shows Paschale offering a touch tour

This How To Guide takes you through a simple 7 step process, and includes a list of objects to collect for the touch tour. If you are able to get hold of them then you can follow the video closely. Or you can use your imagination and improvise – you’ll probably make some fun discoveries!

Let us know how it went – we’d love to see any photos, text or video comments about how you created your own experiences and what the reactions were! You can update us on Facebook or Instagram.

Please Note: In light of Covid-19, it is only appropriate to guide someone through a Touch Tour who is in your household or close social bubble or is someone you care for, who you can interact with and touch safely and within government guidelines.

For further information please contact fiona@redherringproductions.co.uk