Current Work

updated July 2020

Digital Work

ACE Emergency Funding has enabled us to work on our digital skills with a bit of a learning curve!

We are developing A Trip to… – a series of Sound Journeys so that members of the public can enjoy some nature connection in the comfort of their own home, each with an accompanying touch tour where the listener is offered a series of object to touch and smell to provoke a more immersive experience. We’ve made guides so that you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

We are also developing Chronicles of an Infectious Agent – a series of short comic films, introducing the character of Sars CoV-2 and showing quite what happens when she goes out into public spaces.

Back in June, we were commissioned by the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford to contribute to their new exhibition Seeds of Hope. We have envisioned a Pandemic Times Stock Exchange Index (Pantse 10), charting the changing value of 10 things over time, including a short film. Plus they asked us to run a couple of events – Social DisDance Silent Discos. These went so well that we’re planning to offer these packages of joy to public.

International Touring

In 2019 we were commissioned by Green Carpet to create Whistlers / Les Siffleurs – an outdoor performance around bird song, whistling and whistling, explored through the idea of a fantastical ancient culture of people who have a symbiotic relationship with songbirds. Green Carpet is a consortium of organisations across France, Belgium and the UK, who wish to promote art projects designed for green spaces, which involve local people in their development. As a result of Covid-19, the project has now been postponed until 2021 and we’re keeping our fingers crossed!