Field Recordings

As part of Stepping Out 2019, we worked with Ed Jobling (Forkbeard Fantasy) to collect sounds from the Taw/Torridge Estuary – taken on Northam Burrows, in and around Appledore, Instow and Bideford. These were published on Aporee – a global soundmap ‘dedicated to field recording, phonography and the art of listening.’

Click on the red circles to hear Ed’s recordings on this site. You can play several at the same time and hear them overlap.

Or you can click on the red lettering ‘open on radio aporee’ to access a a world of sound!

  • The edge of the Taw/Torridge Estuary. The recording was taken as the tide was turning, with the rhythm of the waves just beginning to gain momentum.

  • Westward Ho! beach. As the tide begins to come in, the water seems to fizz as the waves fill up small hollows that had been left in the sand as the waters receded earlier in the day.

  • Northam Burrows / Skylarks and Lambs. In spring the Burrows are teaming with life. With Skylarks on the decline in the UK, it’s wonderful to know that they are still doing well here.

  • Instow Dunes. Insects hovering, families playing on the beach – it’s as if the wind captures sounds and then they’re gone.

Instow Beach / Dog in Puddle. This ridiculous little black dog was digging away in a large puddle and at the same time attempting to catch a tennis ball that was bobbing on the surface.

Instow Beach / Rigging. I know that it doesn’t to all, but to me, sound of rope ting, ting, tinging against the mast speaks of summer holidays, baking sun and lazy days.