Thank you Arts Council England

We are incredibly grateful to Arts Council England for enabling us to continue our work over the next six months with funding from The National Lottery. 

This is crucial timing for us as we can now keep our projects alive so that in 2021 we are ready to roll!

We will be creating and sharing some digital content over the coming months. A DIY interactive sound journey to the sea and the woods, which may be comforting for those people who have mobility issues or otherwise remain house-bound over the next few months. Some animated snippets of the history of an extraordinary tribe who live with the birds, setting the scene for our forthcoming show ‘Whistlers’. Plus there will be more guest appearances from our lovely friend, Ms┬áSars-CoV-2…

That said, we look forward to a successful easing of lockdown and seeing you on a street, by the beach or in a woodland near you in the not too distant future, when we can do what we do best – bringing people together for fun, shared experiences. Here’s the that!

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