The Whistlers

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‘As a young anthropologist in 2000, I was living in a mountain village in the Georgian Caucasus. I’d heard rumours about people who live with birds but a young boy from the village had connected with a Whistler child and took me to meet them. This was the start of an incredible journey.’

Lynne Passerine, Director of the Whistler Conservation Society

Just as fishermen in Brazil have learned to fish with bottle-nosed dolphins, the Whistler people have developed a sophisticated mutual relationship with songbirds.

The Whistler Conservation Society was founded by a group of anthropologists in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2010, to protect the Whistler people and reduce the threats to their culture & lifestyle. Red Herring have been working with The WCS since 2019 to promote their work and develop engagement tools to communicate with diverse groups of people in the communities in which the Whistlers have settled.

The Legend of the Whistlers describes this relationship and the unique Whistler culture.

Join Lynne Passerine at a suspected Whistler site, to find out more about the world of the Whistlers and how to track them.

Listen to a live recording of two Whistler children. Ava Coucal describes the experience of travelling with Lynne Passerine into the heart of the Carpathian Mountains and her first Whistler sighting. Click here for a version with written captions.

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