Woodland Field Recordings

We supported Ali Houiellebecq, a wonderful sound artist and musician, to create a series of field recordings in the scanty woodland areas of North Norfolk in June, just before the UK came out of the Covid-19 Lockdown. She layered these into a more complex piece – A Trip Through the Woods – to which we then added a touch tour.

We have shared a selection of her field recordings on a sound map called Woodlands in Norfolk during Covid-19 Lockdown, hosted by Aproree, which enables people to hear to the sounds of places recorded across the world.

Ali walked without meeting others, noted the striking absence of traffic and how for a slice of time, the birds could go to town.

From North Norfolk you may wish to listen to a series of recordings made by Ed Jobling in North Devon as part of our Creek project in 2019. Or you may wish to dive further into Aporee and tune into sounds across the world.