Funny Peculiar

Photo by Peter Chrisp

The research of neuropsychologist Dr. Weeks suggests that people who live their lives without worrying what others think are more likely to be healthier and live longer than the rest of us. Social commentators have suggested that eccentrics provide evidence for well functioning societies, which can accept and respond to new and challenging ideas. So, not only can we learn from people who defy convention – they are good for us!

We created a performance project to celebrate such people, scouring Britain for the most eccentric communities, talking to people on the streets, measuring their eccentricity levels and developing bespoke tours in each place that included hilarious performances, a creative audio experience, and gently encouraged people to have glorious fun in public places.

The project was initially created in Brighton by Red Herring and subsequently developed with Time Wont Wait, touring across the UK, with greater opportunities for people to take part – in our research, in satellite workshops and as performers.