Sound Journeys

Our Sound Journeys transport the listener into different natural and urban environments – these have been used in various creative projects.

Skern Mud Flats Restaurant was designed to be listened while looking out on the Skern in Braunton Burrows, a mud flat which is a banqueting suite for wading and sea birds, especially in winter, when large numbers of birds descend here from northern climes to feed on succulent worms and molluscs. Best appreciated with tea and biscuit in hand!

Distant Instow was designed to be listened to while looking across from Appledore to Instow. It features a number of sounds which were recorded throughout Instow and we challenge you to accurately pinpoint not only the sounds but also the locations in which they were recorded.

A Trip to… is a series of Sound Journeys within a range of natural environments (To the Sea, Through the Woods), which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, or can be accompanied by a Touch Tour for a more immersive, sensory experience.