A Trip to the Sea in a Box

A Trip to the Sea in a Box enables you to enjoy a sense of the seaside from the comfort of your own home.

£7.00 each inc. postage

Inside the box, you’ll find a series of hand picked objects and a cotton blindfold that enables you to enjoy an immersive touch tour experience alongside the sound journey, A Trip to the Sea

You can either listen to our sound journey and investigate the objects yourself or offer a friend or family member an immersive touch tour experience as you both listen to the sound.

The Box is priced at £7.00 – this includes First Class postage of £4.45 and a small donation to the company of £2.55

Each box contains:

  • A cotton blindfold
  • A bag of sand (please reuse the plastic bag)
  • A bag of gravel (please reuse the plastic bag)
  • A cardboard fan
  • A clump of raw lambs wool
  • A feather
  • Two pebbles
  • A piece of seaweed (rehydrates after 20 mins or so in water)
  • Two shells

Access the Sound, our How to Video and How To Guide HERE

You’ll be projected into an open landscape – the skylarks are busy and the wind is up. Footsteps take you along the edge of the beach and down to towards the sea and your dreams…

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